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International Mission Center of Charity & Art

"Araunah Youth Ministries"

with a support by

Moscow International Association of Guitar Art

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Classical Guitar

Online Competition & Festival




Welcome to the 3rd International Classical Guitar Online Competition & Festival “Concert day”!

Why “Concert day”? - You may ask… Because we have special rules, participants will have only one day for making a video recording and send the link to us.

Any concert day in a life of any musician is a something special feeling. A musician knows his concert date and preparing his repertoire very precisely and with a responsibility and when the time is coming he try to do his best. This situation is very useful to develop any talent. We have a goal to organize this Competition and Festival as a special possibility to grow up the levels of the competitors. With the results of the Competition all participants will get a personal review (details of playing, advices and impression) from each member of the jury. Some of the competitors will win a possibility as a special prize, to get online master class with members of the jury.

Please read our rules very attentively and good luck in your Concert day!



1. Organizers:

International Mission Center of Charity & Art "Araunah Youth Ministries" with a support by Moscow International Association of Guitar Art

2. Place: remotely, by video recording – YouTube link

3. Dates: The application form should be sent until the 5th of May – dead line to registration of participants.

The video recording of the 1st round has to be made on 16th of May along with  sending the YouTube link.

The results of the first round will be announced on 21th of May.

The video recording of the 2nd round has to be made on 23rd of May along with  sending the YouTube link.

The results of the 2nd round will be announced on May 29th.

4. Concerts: 15th of May will be the Opening concert, than on

 22nd of May will be the next concert and on May 29th will be a Closing concert.

5. The special terms:

On the video before to play a participant must to say his name, program (or may not) and a special password (code phrase) that will be announced on the day before on the online concert of the jury member.

Also the password will be sent to the participants by E-mail and available on www.concertday.ru

In the day of Competition (16th of May is  the 1st round and May 23rd is the 2nd round) participant has to record a video, upload it to YouTube and send a link by mail to concertdayru@gmail.com

6. Who may take part: the Competition is open for classical guitarist from all over the world

7. Diplomas along with a personal reviews, details of playing, advises and impressions of the jury will be sent to the participants by E-mail until 10th of June 2021

8. All the results and videos will be open and available on website www.concertday.ru


How to take part

  1. Please send the application form, passport and your photo to concertdayru@gmail.com until 5th of May 2021.

  2. Within 2 days the participant receives a confirmation of registration and details for payment of the registration fee by E-mail.

  3. Next, the participant transfers the registration fee $40

  4. On 15th of May at 1.00 pm. (Moscow time) will be an online concert of Evgeny Finkelstein will take place at the link: https://www.facebook.com/evgeni.finkelstein At the concert, Evgeny Finkelstein announces a special code phrase (password), which the participant must to say before performing his program on video on the day of the Competition. The code phrase will also be published on the Competition website www.concertday.ru and on the social networks Facebook, VK and Instagram.

  5. Next, the participant records a video of his performance (in which he say a password phrase before the performance), uploads his performance to the YouTube server and sends the link to concertdayru@gmail.com.The letter must also include the name of the participant and the program. The letter must be sent no later than 16th of May, 5:00 pm (Moscow time). E-mails received later will not participate in the Competition.

  6. On 21st of May, the results of the 1st round will be published on the website of the Competition www.concertday.ru (and in social networks) - only those age groups for which the Competition is held in two rounds.

  7. On 22nd of May at 10.15 am (Moscow time) will be the next concert – Far Easten Guitar Quartet, will take place at the link: https://www.facebook.com/grigory.baranov . During the concert will be announced a special code phrase, which the participant must say before performing on the video recording of the 2nd round of the Competition.

  8. Next, the participant of the 2nd round records a video of his performance, in which he says a code phrase before the performance, uploads a video of his performance to the YouTube server and sends a link to concertdayru@gmail.com. The letter must include the name of the participant and his program. The letter must be sent until 5:00 pm (Moscow time) on 23rd of May.E-mails received later will not participate in the Competition!

  9. On 29th of May, at 1.00  pm (Moscow time)  will be the closing online concert of Sam Desmet, will take place at the link: https://www.facebook.com/concertday/

  10. The results of all age groups and nominations will be published on the website of the Competition www.concertday.ru and on the social networks Facebook, VK and Instagram.



The Competition is held in five nominations:

- "Solo" - held in one or two rounds, depending on the age group

- "Chamber Ensemble" - a guitar duet or a guitar in a duet with another instrument, will be held in one rounds

- "Trio or Quartet" (mixed composition of instruments is allowed), performed in one round

- "Teacher - student" (guitar duet), will be held in one round

- “Guitar orchestra”, will be held in one round



Age groups

The age of the participant is determined on 16 of May 2021

(inclusive, for all age groups).

Participants can take part in older age groups, if he whants, performing the program provided for these categories. The age group in the nominations "Chamber ensemble", "Trio or Quartet" is determined by the older participant.


- Group A (participants up to 8 years old inclusive) - will be held in one round

- Group B (participants from 9 to 10 years old inclusive) - one round

- Group C (participants from 11 to 12 years old inclusive) - one round

- Group D (participants from 13 to 14 years old inclusive) - one round

- Group E (participants from 15 to 16 years old inclusive)  - one round

- Group F (participants from 17 to 18 years old inclusive) * - one round

- Group H - students and graduates of colleges, universities (academy, conservatory) - no age limit - two rounds


* students of a musical colleges, universities (academy, conservatory) are not allowed to participate in these groups



For all nominations and age groups, the program is free - at the participant's choice. The total playing time on the video should not exceed 20 minutes (first or second round).

In the younger age categories (A, B, C and D) a playing time could be shorter (5-15 minutes), and in the older age categories (E, F and H), the longer ones are 10-20 minutes. The number of pieces is not limited - one, two or more. It is desirable that the pieces be diverse. It is recommended (but not mandatory) to include in the program works of the era of the classical or romantic period (XVIII - early XIX  centuries - F. Sor, M. Giuliani, L. Legnani, N. Paganini, F. Gragnani, F. Carulli, D. Aguado, V. Mateika, A. Loyer, A. Diabelli, N. Coste, J.K. Merz and others) and composers of the Renaissance and Baroque (XVI - XVII centuries - J. Dowland, L. de Narvaes, G. Suns, S.L. Weiss, I.S.Bach and others). In programs of older age categories, performance of a large form is encouraged (but not mandatory) - sonatina, sonata, suite, variations, rondo, fantasy. At the request of the jury (in case of performance an unknown composition), the participant must provide the score of the composition.


Video recording



1. The all performing of the participant is recorded in one file without breaks in the video recording - stopping the video (changing frames) are not allowed.

2. Audio or video cutting of the recording is not allowed.

3. In the "Solo" nomination participants play by heart. In other nominations, performance with a score is allowed.

4. At the beginning of the performance have to introduce himself, announce the program to be performed (or may not) and saying the code phrase, which will be announced by the jury member at the online concerts on 5th of May and 22nd of May and publish on the Competition website www.concertday.ru and in all social networks in our groups. Videos in which the password phrase is not saying will be not participate in the Competition.

5. The participant must wear a concert uniform - any concert clothing in which one can go on stage.

6. Sound amplification, additional processing of sound and video material is not allowed.

7. The video should clearly show the artist, his face and both hands.



The head of the jury

Evgeni Finkelstein

was born in Moscow in 1972. He was eleven years old when he began his first lessons with famous Russian guitarist Alexander Frauchi. In 1987 Evgeni entered the Russian Musical College. His teacher there was the famous composer and guitarist Nikita Koshkin. In 1991 he passed the exams and enrolled in the Russian Gnesins Academy of music, where Evgeni attended professor Frauchi's classes. He attracted the attention of Koshkin and Frauchi who were prominent in supporting his development. From 1996 till 1997 Evgeni took lessons from the outstanding teacher – Kamill Arturovich Frauchi.

1995 – prizewinner of the first Moscow international classical guitar competition

1995 – prizewinner of the 4-th classical guitar competition «Guitar in Russia» (in Woronezh)

1996 – the prizewinner of the international classical guitar competition «Printemps de la Guitar» in Belgium

Evgeni plays many concerts in Russia, in the past Soviet Union, in Great Britain, in Germany, in Austria and in other European countries.

In 2002, the German music publisher "Acoustic Music" released a CD Eugene Finkelstein's "The Fall of the birds. Russian guitar music", which includes the works of N. Koshkin, S. Rudnev and G. Belyaev. The album received many enthusiastic press reviews. Also, Evgeny Finkelstein produced albums «Sonata» (2004), «Lachrimae» (2010) and «Le Baroque» (2015) on the Acoustic Music label.

Since 1993 E. Finkelstein teaches at the high school – at the State Classical Academy in Moscow. He became a professor of Academy in 2010. Many of his students became prizewinners of the classical guitar competitions.



Sam Desmet

Praised for his “poetic and sensible playing”, award winning European Guitarist Dr. Sam Desmet performed in Asia, Europe and the United States, interpreting nineteenth and twentieth century repertoire.

With his first CD “study < > study”, European guitarist Dr. Desmet promoted and recorded guitar etudes and compositions of renowned composers such as Leo Brouwer, Angelo Gilardino and Simone Iannarelli, who praise the cd as an example of his refined musical personality.

“Listened. It’s good – you have quite the musical insight. Thank you”— Angelo Gilardino, Musicologist, Composer

As a soloist and chamber music enthusiast, Dr. Desmet has performed in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan and the United States. 

Together with Chilean flutist Emilio Rutllant Dr. Desmet formed the ‘Wabi Sabi duo’ and advocates compositions where both instruments show their potentiality and are equally represented. Therefore, goes back to the true meaning of chamber music.

He assisted, reviewed and proofread Concerto pour Guitare et Petit Orchestre opus 155 by Belgian composer Jean Absil which was published in 2009 under Italian label Berben upon request of musicologist Angelo Gilardino. Together with Dr. Gonzalo Gallardo, Mr. Desmet translated and published Solfėges and Vocalises Op. 195 by Ferdinando Carulli based on manuscripts of 1822-6. It may still be the only tutor intended for guitarists to read, sing and play two lines of music simultaneously. The edition is published in 2012 by the Canadian label Production d’Oz.

“Your playing is beautiful, full of sensibility, I really love your work.”— Simone Iannarelli, Guitarist, Composer

Dr. Desmet studied music performance and music pedagogy at the Royal Conservatory in his home country Belgium and graduated with highest distinction for guitar. Over the years, Sam had additional training through Master classes and individual lessons with Leo Brouwer, Alvaro Pierri, David Tanenbaum, Denis Azabagic and Thomas Johnson. Other major teachers include Yves Storms, Bruce Holzman Johan Fostier and Filip Rathé. He currently teaches guitar at Valencia College (FL, Orlando)

“You are right in that many etudes can be beautiful music to include in one’s concert repertoire. You are a very musical player, te felicito!” — Luis Zea, Guitarist



Grigory Baranov

was born in 1987 in Vladivostok, Russia. He began to play guitar at the age 15 from his father Victor Baranov.  Grigory Baranov is a graduate (2012) and postgraduate (2015) of the Moscow State Classical Academy Maimonid. He studied in the class of well-known professor A. K Frauchi, and since 2007 continues in the class of professor Evgeny Finkelstein.

From the first years of his guitar study, Grigory has lead an active concert life, constantly building his repertoire of new works and performing in concerts in Russia and abroad. He often visits France and Belgium for master-classes of well-known European guitarist Johan Fostier. Grigory also attends the festival of guitarists in Israel, Italy, Germany and Switzerland where he perfected his skill with masters of the guitar such as David Russell, Marcin Dylla, Hubert Cappel, Julio Tampolini, Alvaro Perry, Remi Jousselme, Bae Jang Heum and others.

In 2002, Grigory won the International Contest of Young Performers which was held in Russia. 2005 – Special prize in the Korean Guitar Association International Competition (Soul). 2008 and 2010. - Winner of the International Guitar Festival in the ‘BRAHMAN’ competition. 2011 - Laureate of International competition ‘Virtuosos of the Guitar’ in Saint Petersburg.2012 - Diploma of the International competition ‘Classical guitar’ (Novosibirsk). 2012 - The laureate of the International competition ‘Music World’ (Moscow, Russia). 2015 – First prize winner of the international guitar competition “Golden age of the guitar” (Moscow, Russia).

In his repertoire, Grigory Baranov has three solo programs which include the music of different epochs and styles - from the Renaissance to the composers of our modern times. He is extremely fond of ensemble. In his creative portfolio Grigory has three programs of guitar duets (in the ensemble ‘GriAl’ with AlekseySokolov), as well as a program of works by Spanish and Latin-American folk music (with the well-known soprano Elizabeth Kanauzava). Grigory Baranov produced 7 albums CDs: “Lute music” (2005), “Returning of the winds” (2008), “Poeticos” (2016)  - guitar duos; “Spanish and Brazillian songs” (2015), “Andalusia” – with voice; “L’istesso tempo” and “Arpeggione” – with cello.

From 2013, Grigory Baranov became the artistic Director of the annual concert series “My Island – Guitar” in the “M.I. Glinka Russian Museum Association of Musical Culture” (Moscow). Now Grigory Baranov is a chief guitar teacher in The Far Eastern State Institute of Arts (Vladivostok).



• Diplomas – Grand Prize, I, II, III, IV, V, and VI places in each nomination and age group.

• Grand Prix - a cash prize of $130 among all nominations and age categories. Awarded to the participant or ensemble with the most high points.

Special prizes:

• Certificate for free participation in the next "Concert Day" Competition in 2021.

• Guitar strings from leading manufacturers.

• CD albums (autographed disc) from the jury.

• As a special prize in the nomination "Solo" among age groups B, C, D, E, F and H - 9 prize remote individual master classes (45 minutes) will be given on Skype or Zoom platforms. Master classes will be held by members of the jury of the Competition. The date and time of the master class is agreed separately with the participant. The jury members select the participants of the master classes through a special vote.

• All participants and teachers of the participants are awarded with certificates and diplomas.

The jury reserves the right to award not all prizes, as well as to divide places between the participants. The Grand Prize must be awarded on a mandatory basis to the participant or ensemble with the highest point.

All decisions must be final and not subject to revision.

The registration


In all nominations and age groups the registration fee is $40 per participant or ensemble. After the application form will be received, the participant has the details of the fee transfer.

Other rules

1. If a participant changes his mind about taking part in the competition, the registration fee is not refundable.

2. After May 5 (application deadline), changes in the program will not be accepted.

3. Responsibility for the technical support when recording, downloading and sending the link entirely with the participant. The organizers of the Competition are not responsible if the participant was unable to record a video of his performance, upload a file on YouTube or send a link to the mail of the Competition. If the organizing committee of the Competition does not receive a link to the performance within the specified period, the participant's application is canceled.

4. The fact of transferring the registration fee by the participant of the Competition is considered to agree with all the rules and conditions of the Competition set forth in this Regulation.

5. The organizers of the Competition reserve the right to post videos of the participants on the Competition website and on the Competition YouTube channel. After the 1st of September 2021 the participant can delete his video.


 concertdayru@gmail.com  |  WhatApp/Mobile: +79242535222

Thank you for message!